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Special Needs

Support for pupils with Special Learning Needs

Resource teachers provide extra support for pupils in our school who have special learning needs.  Pupils may be assessed first by a psychologist to ascertain the extent of their learning needs, and if the assessment points to a learning need, support hours are granted.

The Language Support Teachers in the school provide assistance for international pupils with regard to the speaking, reading and writing of English.



Support for pupils with Special Learning Needs 2020

Additional support is provided to children as needed by the Special Education Teacher (SET) in the school. The teachers in this role were formally known as a 'Resource Teacher', 'Learning Support Teacher' or 'Language Support Teacher'. 

Special education teachers are familiar with a wide range of teaching approaches, methodologies and resources to cater for particular learning styles and to meet a variety of needs. Teaching approaches will include a combination of team-teaching initiatives, co- operative teaching, early intervention and small group support. 

Depending on the learning needs identified, a pupil with special educational needs may be supported at classroom level, or through mainstream classroom placement with additional teaching delivered through in-class or withdrawal support models.