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Ní neart go cur le chéile


Here are some ways to stay safe when walking or cycling.

When Walking:

  • Always be bright and be seen – wear something bright and reflective so drivers can see you
  • Always stay on pavements and footpaths – Make sure to take extra care when you are approaching a bend
  • Always be responsible near roads– never run onto the road, don’t play near or on roads as cars may be travelling too fast to make a quick stop
  • Always use a pedestrian crossing or lollipop person – if there is no crossing or lollipop person cross when it is safe, away from parked cars or bends in the road
  • Always remember the SAFE CROSS CODE– follow these steps:
  1. Look for a safe place
  2. Always stop and wait
  3. Look all around before you cross the road
  4. Listen for any traffic
  5. if traffic is coming let it pass, then look around again
  6. When there is no traffic walk straight across the road
  7. Always remember to keep looking and listening for traffic while you cross!

When Cycling:

  • Always check out your bike – make sure your brakes work, check your tyres aren’t flat (if you squeeze them they should feel firm) and check your tyres don’t look worn down (this means the thread is worn away and you might skid)
  • Always wear the right gear– make sure to wear fluorescent clothes during the day and reflective clothes in the evening and at night
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Always use cycle paths- if there are no cycle paths make sure to cycle in single file and give clear hand signals to show when you are turning or stopping
  • Always use lights– it is illegal to cycle without lights so make sure you have a white front light and a red back light and a red reflector at the back
  • Never use an ipod, walkman, or mobile phone when cycling

Please check out the road safety section for kids on for further information