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St Colmcille's BNS

Ní neart go cur le chéile



If the school is to achieve a happy, secure environment in which children can develop to their full potential, it is necessary to provide a framework which promotes constructive behaviour and discourages unacceptable behaviour.  The aim is to ensure that the individuality of each child is accommodated while acknowledging the right of each child to an education in a relatively disruption free environment.  The school code places a greater emphasis on rewards than on sanctions, and the ideal is that pupils will acquire self-discipline.  We recognise the importance of a strong sense of community within the school and the existence of a high level of co-operation among teachers, ancillary staff, pupils, parents, the Board of Management and the Parents’ Association

Framework for Code of Behaviour

The aim of the code is to encourage good behaviour and to discourage poor behaviour.  In keeping with this aim, the framework is:

  • Fair
  • Supported by all staff
  • Applies to all students consistently, both in class and throughout the school
  • Respects the dignity of all students
  • Is task orientated – clear and helpful directions are given, not implied
  • Recognises good behaviour whenever and wherever it occurs

Expectations of Pupils

  1. Arrive on time for school
  2. Work quietly and safely
  3. Listen when expected to
  4. Respect all members of the school community
  5. Be helpful
  6. Produce your best work in class and for your homework

Pupils’ Expectations of Teachers

  1. To be courteous, consistent and fair
  2. To prepare and mark work
  3. To listen, at appropriate times, to pupils’ explanations for behaviour
  4. To recognise good work and behaviour
  5. To deal with bad behaviour